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Want a car that's already been looked at by RACV? As an RACV Green Light approved dealer you'll find a selection of vehicles that have successfully passed an RACV inspection.

Pre-purchase: suitable if you are purchasing a vehicle. Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee (see below).

Comprehensive: thoroughly checks more components of the vehicle than a pre-purchase inspection. Also suitable for vehicles coming out of warranty. Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee (see below).


On your inspection report, a 'traffic light guide’ provides a purchase recommendation based on the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection. The purchase recommendation is subject to the inspection information provided to you in the inspection report and folder. Please remember, the buying choice is yours.

STOP: The repairs required and/or the likely risk to future reliability could make purchase of this vehicle an uneconomical proposition for long-term ownership, unless it is intended for restoration and costs are not a consideration.

CAUTION: When the items reported are repaired effectively, the vehicle should provide reliable service. All defects should be costed for repair prior to purchase.

GO: Where items have been reported, they should only require routine service, adjustment and/or service replacement to ensure the future reliability of the vehicle. These should be costed prior to the purchase of the vehicle.

  Please note: There are some vehicles we cannot inspect or are only suitable for a comprehensive inspection – e.g., some prestige vehicles and imported vehicles. Such vehicles will be identified at the time of booking.

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